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GitStart's Documentation

Security FAQ

  1. Why does GitStart need to copy my code? This is the first thing you may be wondering. In short, the alternatives for our model to work on your codebase are not viable for our model right now. They are: slitting code into smaller git repos, sharing code through zip files or not using git at all, or having all contractors work in a VM to make code sharing secure. These are either impractical or would make development incredibly slow, meaning we would not deliver the speed or quality of service we want to promote.
  2. Why does GitStart use GitHub to host code? We chose GitHub for many reasons, primarily due to its popularity, ease of use, and robust security standards. Millions of developers use and trust it, and we believe that it will give developers a good start in their careers.
  3. What information do you have about developers who work for GitStart? For each developer, we know basic details to identify them, such as their name, address, contact number, email they used to register for GitStart, date of birth, time zone, and GitHub usernames.

If there are any questions we haven’t answered, please contact us at