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Meet the Community - Happiness Ncube

Meet Happiness, a policeman turned professional software engineer. He shares his journey and biggest achievements at GitStart.

AndreeaAndreeaApril 10, 2024

Welcome to a new series of blog posts to shine a light on the amazing people in our community. For our debut post, we’re excited to introduce you to Happiness Ncube!

And yes, that’s his real name! 😄

Meet Happiness

Happiness comes from Domboshawa, a small village 40 km North-East of the capital city of Zimbabwe, Harare.

He spent 15 years as a Zimbabwe Republic Police Officer before becoming a software engineer. He joined GitStart in 2021 and has been a part of our community ever since, working on various projects in Flutter, Kotlin, Java, and C# and taking the mantle of Project Manager, leading a team of 7 developers from 5 different countries.

Getting to know Happiness

We had a chat with Happiness to learn more about his journey, his biggest achievements, and his favorite projects at GitStart.

Tell us a bit about your journey. How did you go from being a policeman to a software engineer?

I spent 15 years as a Zimbabwe Republic Police Officer 👮‍♂️. After some years I started teaching my self Java and Android programming. I taught myself using books and videos. I practiced by developing some hobby Android applications and APIs. I then attended college where I got a Diploma in Computer Engineering. I started working on the country’s Traffic Accident System, where we developed our system using C# on the .NET core framework. I joined GitStart right after this as a software engineer, and one and a half years later was promoted to Project Manager!

When did you know you wanted to be a developer?

The First time I played FIFA on a computer, I was so amazed that the players were programmed to play the way they did. This fascinated me, and I decided to learn how to do it myself.

What has GitStart’s impact on your life been?

Incredible! I have built really cool stuff for international clients and I’m working in a super diverse team (7 team members from 5 different countries!). I have learned and grown a lot at GitStart.

Biggest Achievement in GitStart?

Being promoted to Project Manager, by far. It gave me the confidence that I was doing some good work and a lot of joy knowing it was being noticed. It’s a source of great pride to know that tens of thousands of users around the world are using my code! Also, this journey led me to create my first open-source project, which has received some stars, marking another significant milestone.

What tips do you wish you could give your younger self?

First: never stop learning. Then, always ask why. Thirdly, always plan your work before opening the IDE. Fourthly, there is always a better way. And lastly, fully understand the problem before solving it.

Meet other members of our community

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