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Assign tickets, get high-quality production code powered by AI agents and our developer community.

Code as a Service
Assign tickets and get production ready pull requests. Powered by AI agents and our developer community.
Increase your velocity without increasing your headcount.
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Pull Requests Shipped with GitStart
Tarang Patel, CTO @ BetaShares

I am a big believer in what GitStart is doing to help developers. Also, my teammates told me they feel superpowered with GitStart.

Tarang PatelCTO @ BetaShares
(Fintech with $15B assets under management)
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GitStart is
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tech leaders

Y Combinator

Mike Schroepfer

Former CTO @ Meta

Adam D'Angelo

CEO @ Quora

Kevin Scott

CTO @ Microsoft

Maria Zhang

VP @ Instagram

Iyinola Aboyeji

Founder @ Andela

Nate Blecharczyk

Co-founder @ Airbnb

Li Fan

CTO @ Circle

Surabhi Gupta

VP @ Robinhood

Parisa Tabriz

VP @ Google

Debo Olaosebikan

Founder @ Gigster

Amjad Masad

CEO @ Replit

Andreas Klinger

CTO @ ProductHuntCTO @ Ondeck

Dara Khosrowshahi

CEO @ Uber
Use Cases
If you have more items in your backlog than the bandwidth to ship them, assign them to GitStart.

Bugs and Tech Debt

  • Eliminate long-standing bugs
  • Safely upgrade packages and dependencies
  • Introduce linters (ESLint, TSLint)

Test Coverage

  • Increase test coverage with unit tests or end-to-end tests
  • Introduce new testing libraries

Frontend Development

  • Create or refactor UI/UX components
  • Document design systems with Storybook
  • Improve responsiveness, accessibility, and internationalization
  • Create interactive graphs and reporting

Backend Development

  • CRUD operations on new or existing API endpoints
  • CRUD operations on database schemas, models, and interfaces
A graphic of a heart between two arrow bracketsYour backlog is someone else's growth opportunity.
An image of Chiamaka Osuji, developer
Chiamaka Osuji
Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Nigeria
Mission-driven Development
We believe coding can change lives and we are on a mission to grow the world's future software talent.

That's why we've created a unique community of aspiring developers eager to take on new challenges and learn best practices in software development.

By trusting us with the tasks you don't have the capacity for, you bring more of your ideas to life and allow these aspiring developers to grow their skills while accelerating their careers, making the world a better place with software.

An image of Wajiha Niazi, developer
Wajiha Niazi

GitStart Fullstack Developer in Afghanistan

With GitStart, my growth as a developer has been astronomical. I have learned how to work on large codebases with ease and be more efficient with time management.

An image of Valentine Oragbakosi, developer

Oragbakosi Valentine

GitStart Software Engineering Team Lead in Nigeria

How it works
Assign tickets, get pull requests.
GitSlice: Secure Git Sharing
Select which parts of your repo GitStart can access with our secure git-sharing tool. Share only what you want at all times, and keep your configuration file under your lock and key.
Scope tickets
Assign all tickets that take less than 5 days of work and let our LLM ask for clarifications.
Merge PRs
No one likes long review cycles, so GitStart pushes PRs reviewed by multiple developers. Review the work, request any necessary changes, and merge.
Pay only for code,
not engineering time.

We developed a Pull Request-based pricing model where you only pay for the results, not the time we put into completing the work.

Stay in control of your spending
You can approve or reject each PR cost estimate once we've understood the scope and before we start any work, to avoid surprise costs or mismatch in expectations.
Each Pull Request is different
We establish PR pricing according to complexity and scope and factor in things such as codebase complexity, complexity of the ticket and size of final PR.
Finance team friendly
Always know what you're using and paying for with monthly invoicing and precise usage details — available as CSV and printer-ready.
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