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Meet the Community - Sochima Biereagu

Meet Sochima, a tech enthusiast turned software engineer, sharing his passions and path that led him to GitStart.

AndreeaAndreeaMay 8, 2024

Welcome to another chapter in our series of blog posts that shine a light on the fantastic people in our community. This time, we’re excited to introduce you to Sochima!

Meet Sochima

Sochima lives in Lagos, Nigeria - one of Africa’s most populous and exciting cities, which some have dubbed “the Silicon Valley of Africa” as it’s home to the country’s fastest-growing sector: technology.

Before joining GitStart in 2021, Sochima trained in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and worked in several startups and freelance roles to hone his skills.

Getting to know Sochima

We talked to Sochima to better understand his drive and ambition and to get inspired by his projects and achievements, which led him to be a team lead at GitStart.

Tell us a bit about your journey. When did you know you wanted to be a developer?

My journey into development feels more like a calling than a choice. I’ve always had an innate curiosity about how things work, leading me to dismantle gadgets as a child to understand their mechanics. This curiosity paved my path toward a career in development, driven by a stubborn determination to solve problems through hands-on learning.

How did you find your way to GitStart?

Before joining GitStart, I had several roles in startups and as a freelance developer in digital marketing, media, and e-commerce. I built things like sales portals, a media distribution platform, and custom web-based mail clients. These experiences honed my skills across a road tech stack and laid a solid foundation for my career progression.

What has GitStart’s impact on your life been?

My transition to GitStart was a significant milestone in my career, exposing me to a global community of developers and further developing my skills in teamwork, project management, and the highest coding standards. The Journey with GitStart has been nothing short of transformative, opening doors to a global network of developers and a platform for continuous growth. I’ve become a better programmer, but also evolved as a professional, gaining confidence and competence in my work.

What’s a project you are most proud to have contributed to?

“I worked on a search engine for local/offline websites. It enables effective indexing and search capabilities within offline websites, making it a pioneering solution in areas with limited internet access. It’s one of my favorites due to its unique challenges and substantial impact on making digital resources more accessible. The intricacies involved in developing localGoogoo, such as creating algorithms for efficient data retrieval and optimizing storage to handle large volumes without connectivity, were particularly fulfilling.

What tips do you wish you could give your younger self?

If I could go back and advise my younger self, I would stress the importance of continuous learning to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology. I would also encourage seeking help and actively engaging with your team for collaborative problem-solving and innovation. These are the pillars of growth and success in any field.

What do you spend your time on outside of GitStart?

I love problem-solving, and that’s something I find incredibly fulfilling. Recently, I’ve also embarked on a new journey, learning to play the piano. In terms of music, I love Gospel songs pretty much exclusively.

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