Only pay for PRs you merge.

We developed a Pull Request-based pricing model.

You only pay for the results, not the time we put into completing the work.


For teams who need to ship more of their backlog

Starting at $11 per credit

Support for everyday development needs
  • Multiple instances for several teams or initiatives
  • Connect multiple repositories to one instance
  • Import tickets from Jira, Linear, or GitHub issues
  • Dedicated shared Slack support channel
  • Pay monthly invoices by Credit Card or ACH Bank Transfers


For teams with big projects and complex security needs

Contact us for pricing

All of the features in the Team tier plus:
  • Annual and pre-paid payment plans
  • Integrations with GitLab, On-premise JIRA, and custom git solutions
  • Developers can work on multiple tickets in parallel
  • MS Teams, Slack, Discord, or preferred private chat service
  • Dedicated Technical Project Manager


Instances A dedicated space for different parts of your codebase
In-progress tickets Maximum number of tickets in progress at the same time
Ticket creation How you assign work to GitStart
Dashboard, Jira, Linear, GitHub Issues
Dashboard, Jira, Linear, GitHub Issues
Supported tech stacks
JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, C#, PHP, Kotlin
Swift, Dart, Java, Objective C, C++, Ruby, CoffeeScript
More languages on request
Price per creditSee FAQ below
Starting at $11 per credit
Monthly invoicing
Prepaid options available
Shared Slack channel
MS Teams, Custom, Dedicated
Technical Project Manager
Payment methods
Credit Card
Credit Card, ACH Bank Transfers
Did we forget anything?
You can also contact with us if you have any other questions. We're happy to help you.
What are credits?

Credits are our internal currency. We use credits to calculate pull request (PR) costs and track developer work on our platform. Each task and PR has a credit cost, which we submit for your approval before work begins. At the end of each month, we calculate your bill based on your monthly usage and the pricing plan.

How much can I expect to spend in a month?

It depends on how many tickets you assign and their complexity. Our pricing is flexible, and you only pay for merged PR costs.

Can a PR cost be higher than the estimates?

No, a PR will never cost more than its agreed-upon estimate. If we estimate a PR will cost between 20 and 30 credits, it may fall between those values but never above or below.

What happens if I reject a PR estimate?

If you do not agree with our estimated price for your PR, we will adjust it and send you a new estimate for your approval. You can ask for changes as often as needed to ensure the price and solution match your expectations.

Are you going to get me to hire your developers?

No. We will not try to get you to hire our developers — we’d love it if you did, but it’s not our goal. Our mission is to help them become better software engineers by providing them with a community of peers and senior mentors coupled with real-world code challenges.