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Welcoming Maria Zhang to GitStart's Board

Our early supporter and seasoned industry veteran Maria Zhang has joined our Board as an independent Director. We're excited about the future with her on the team!

Hamza Hamza May 31, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Maria Zhang has joined our Board as an independent Director.

Introducing Maria Zhang, our new board member

Maria, one of our earliest supporters, has joined our team to help advance our mission of using AI to enhance the software development lifecycle and grow the next generation of engineers.

Today, GitStart is the only platform in the world that combines the expertise of human engineers with the efficiency of AI agents to ensure high-quality code delivery to production environments. Our unique approach transforms engineering tickets into production-ready code, providing elastic engineering capacity for teams striving to ship more software faster.

“When I first met Hamza in early 2022, I was incredibly inspired by how GitStart was empowering women in remote areas with limited access to career and economic opportunities to thrive as software developers. This vision led me to invest as an angel. Fast forward to 2024, I am even more impressed by GitStart’s growth, resilience, and innovation. I am honored to join this amazing team on this journey to enhance the software development lifecycle with AI and help deliver elastic engineering capacity while staying true to the original mission.” — Maria Zhang

Maria is currently the co-founder and CEO of Proactive AI Lab, having previously served as VP of Engineering at Google, Meta, LinkedIn\Microsoft, and Yahoo, and as well as CTO of Tinder in its explosive growth stage. As a seasoned manager and industry veteran, she brings a wealth of experience and insights. Throughout her career, she has scaled world-class engineering teams that consistently shipped high-quality products while maintaining a sharp focus on their mission.

A perfect fit: how Maria’s principles and expertise align with GitStart

What makes Maria’s arrival special is her alignment with GitStart’s core values. As soon as you get to know her, two things become apparent: she’s a highly principled person and extremely passionate about efficiency. Her work ethos deeply resonates with our ambition to deliver high-quality production code for the teams that trust us, and our mission to grow the next generation of engineers. Her leadership wisdom and AI expertise will add a new dimension to what we’re building at GitStart, and we’re excited about the future.

Learn from Maria at Plato Elevate 2024 in San Francisco

Maria will be speaking at Plato Elevate 2024 in San Francisco on June 5-6. Her talk, “Budgeting: Your Opportunity to Be a Hero,” is a great opportunity for engineering leaders to learn from her extensive experience and gain actionable insights. Catch her at 10:10 AM on Stage 1 — and see you there!