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GitStart's Documentation

Instance Setup

An Instance is a designated space that houses tickets you assign to us. It is typically tied to one repository or portion of the codebase and thus limited to a single language or specific technology.

Instances are the ideal way to provide us with work over a longer period of time, whether you have an ongoing project with a dedicated team or a standalone project with a beginning and end date.

Linking a repository to an instance

For GitStart to work, you or someone with appropriate repository permissions must install our GitHub app on the repository you want us to work on. The GitHub app will give us access to the repository and allow us to create branches and open pull requests.

Note: Until you link a selected GitHub repository to an instance, it will not be stored in our database.

Don’t use GitHub? We also support GitLab, but you will need to let our team know during onboarding. Please note there are some limitations when importing ticket descriptions from GitLab. Read more in the Assign Tickets section.

Got multiple repositories to link? On selected plans, you may create multiple instances. Check out our pricing page for more information. Contact our support team at if you want to add more instances.