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PRs and PR Estimates

At GitStart, we charge per PR, not per hour. So our pricing model is akin to ride-sharing services: we first share a PR estimate in credits that you need to approve. Then, once the code is done, we update the PR with the final amount, which will never surpass the initial estimate. This ensures transparency and predictability, offering you peace of mind throughout the process.

PR Estimates

As soon as a ticket is assigned to us, we will create a PR internally. We will then estimate the cost of the PR and send it to you for approval. We will always notify you about estimates waiting for your approval, and you can also see them in the dashboard.

If you create a ticket through our dashboard, we’ll create a PR at the same time as the ticket. You will be prompted to give an initial estimate for that PR. This estimate will be shown to our developers.

On the Team and Enterprise plans, you can choose to create an initial estimate for the PR or let us create one for you. Aided by our model, developers will take into account multiple factors, including PR complexity (e.g., implementation difficulty, the novelty of the solution), breadth of PR effort (e.g., lines of code, breadth of files changed, etc.), and the complexity or ease of working on the codebase (e.g., modularity, testing infrastructure, CI/CD guardrails, etc.).

Approving or rejecting PR estimates

A PR estimate is just that: an estimate. It is not a final cost. You can approve or reject the estimate, and we will negotiate a new one if needed. Think of negotiation as a conversation between you and us and the PR estimate as a starting point.

The similarities with ride-sharing services are useful but end here because you don’t negotiate the cost of a ride. But the road from A to B in software development has more twists and turns, and we want to make sure you are happy with the expected cost of the PR.

When you give us the initial estimate

You can always help us estimate the cost of a PR. When you create a ticket, you can give us an initial estimate for the PR. This estimate will be shown to our developers and will indicate the effort required, so we can better plan our implementation.

creating an initial estimate

It is rare for GitStart to reject an estimate, but it can happen if we believe the estimate is too low or too high. We have checks in place to ensure that the estimate is reasonable. We will always give you a reason for rejecting your estimate and suggest a new estimate.

When our developers create the estimate

If you assign tickets from issue-tracking software and don’t provide an initial estimate through our dashboard, we will create an estimate for you. You can then approve or reject our estimate.

If you have any questions or concerns about the credit cost or the process, contact

Rejecting estimates

If you decline an estimate proposed by us, you will be prompted to give a reason, and negotiation ensues until we agree on a new one.

rejecting an estimate

Final cost

Once you approve the code we present you with, we finalize the cost of the PR. This value is the final cost you will pay for the PR and will always be within the estimate we initially provided.

If your ticket contains multiple PRs, the ticket’s total cost will be the sum of all PRs’ costs.