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Reviewing PRs

You can review our code, share feedback or request changes in much the same way as you would with a coworker’s PR. This page explains what’s different and how we handle things like changes, feedback, and communication.

Where to find PRs

We will push PRs to the repo you configured for GitStart’s access.

If you assigned us a ticket through the dashboard, the PR will already be open as soon as the ticket is assigned. Otherwise, we open a PR in your repo when internal development finishes and the code is ready for your review.

Reviewing PRs

We appreciate your quick PR reviews, preferably within a couple of business days. Timely reviews help us avoid the kinds of inefficiencies that plague development even further: PR pile-up, merge conflicts, and context switching.

Typically, each PR comment or change request should be acknowledged or resolved by our community developers within one (1) business day. If there is any delay, please let us know at

There is no limit to review cycles, but we strongly recommend you include all change requests and comments within a couple of review cycles. This keeps context switching to a minimum and helps us deliver faster. Aside from scope change, any iterations, nit-picks, or bug fixes are free of charge, incurring zero (0) credits.

Merging PRs and finalizing the cost

Happy with the work? No further comments? You can go ahead and merge the PR as you’re already used to.

Our system will detect this activity and mark the relevant PR as finished internally. Developers will finalize the cost of the PR, and you will be charged for it. This will be reflected in your Usage page and later in your invoice.