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The GitStart Developer Community

At GitStart, we have developers all around the world.

This is not an exaggeration but part of our mission to help developers regardless of age, language barrier, or time zone and to serve our clients 24/7. To name a few countries: Nigeria, Brazil, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Canada, and Thailand.


We recruit developers ourselves, through word of mouth from existing members, or selected partnerships with companies who share our values.


To make it into GiStart, existing senior developers interview new candidates, working through a coding task to assess their skill level and other competencies. After this, they enter a trial period to decide whether they become long-term contributors to the community based on their performance.

Ongoing developer performance

Once developers are in, we have people and processes to regularly evaluate developer performance and professional growth. Our mission is to accelerate developers, assigning them tasks based on the skill level we can observe from the code they ship and their peers’ evaluations.