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Our Pricing Model

There are two things you need to know about our pricing model: we use PR-based pricing, and we express the cost of PRs in credits, our internal currency.

Pay for PRs, not for time

We developed an innovative pricing model that allows us to take into account each PR’s complexity and charge accordingly - not for the time we spend on it. That’s why we charge per PR, not per hour. This may surprise you if you worked with other remote developers before, but we believe it’s a better way to charge for software development work.

We believe that the value of software development doesn’t come from time spent on it and that each PR is different. We establish PR pricing according to complexity and scope and factor in the ease of contributing to your codebase, including clear documentation, existing tests, and things like an easy-to-spin-up local development environment.

Pay based on your usage

How much you can expect to pay depends on two things: how much work you assign us and the nature of that work.

Either way, you will always be aware and in control of your spending. We show you an estimate of the cost of your PR before we start to work on it. You can either accept our estimate or negotiate it with us. We’ll work with you to find a price that works for both of us.

By now, you may have already read our pricing page. This page goes into more detail about how we charge for our services.